What is the turnaround time?

Where should I go to get my script written/edited/recorded?

What format is the video?

  • Unless you request otherwise, I deliver in High Definition 1920 x 1080 MP4, which you can then upload to Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.

What if I need a change made after the video is recorded?

  • Digital tweaks like adjusting the timing and overlaying titles and graphics can usually be done without additional cost.  However, a change in the hand-drawn imagery usually requires re-filming a large portion of the video.  This is billed at the same rate as the original video, so it’s important that you are completely happy with the storyboard at the outset.

Do you offer closed captioning?

  • Subtitles can be added within the YouTube interface.

Will my video be private?

  • Yes. I don’t distribute videos – on my gallery page I have linked to videos uploaded and made public by customers.

Can you deliver the project files so I can do additional editing?

  • No, but the video I deliver is compressed with high quality.

Do you retain the project files for future modifications?

  • No.  All files are deleted after the hi-resolution delivery is completed.

Is there a minimum video duration?

  • 15 seconds is the minimum – for example, if your video needs a 10-second segment re-filmed, I will charge for 15 seconds (because there’s a baseline amount of preparation required for both filming and editing, independent of the clip duration).

Do I receive full copyright?

  • Yes.  When the work is delivered, you are granted all intellectual property rights, including but not limited to, copyrights for the work delivered from Draw4.Us, who waives any and all moral rights therein.