Cash With Draw

This summer I finished up a financial literacy series for the local public broadcasting affiliate, KCTS 9 in Seattle.

Nathan is an absolute blast to work with. If you need a creative partner who is imaginative, responsive and committed to quality, then Nathan is your guy.

Cash With Draw
Style: Black ink with chalk color on white paper

Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation

Nathan proves that starting with a complicated, difficult-to-understand process doesn’t have to result in complicated, difficult-to-understand communications. Creating “Working with Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services” with was amazingly easy and smooth. Nathan took our script, held our hand (in cyber space) through the creative process, and delivered our video within budget and on time. He made sure we knew what to expect and always followed-up. We never had to ask the dreaded “Where are we with this project?” question. Thanks to Nathan, “Working with Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services” is now helping thousands of families and individuals with disabilities in Indiana learn about how VR can assist with their employment goals.

Tickets for Schools

The project was under pressure to meet a very aggressive deadline, and Nathan not only delivered a very high quality product but did so in record time and within budget. We have received many  compliments, but most importantly, our messages were very clearly communicated in our video.

Style: colored chalk on blackboard

TB Alliance

Nathan is a talented artist, and his real expertise shines through in delivering beautiful hand-drawn representations of complex ideas. We have been thoroughly impressed with the creation process and the final delivered video every time.

Style: Ink with chalk color on brown paper