I offer three production speeds for videos.  Each one gives me a fixed window in which to deliver storyboards, shoot and edit the video.

Most projects require 2 or 3 storyboards, though projects requiring a lot of people to approve the storyboard tend to require more drafts.  The best way to keep your project on pace is to ensure that the script is finalized before storyboarding begins.

Standard: 5 days per storyboard; 5 days to film/edit.
Fast: 3 days per storyboard; 3 days to film/edit
Rush: 24 hours per storyboard; 48 hours to film/edit
Please note that these rates refer to full business days, excluding weekends and holidays.

If you require script writing services, please allow additional time.
Standard: 5 days for initial development; 3 days for revisions.
Fast: 3 days for development; 2 days for revisions.
Rush: 48 hours for development; 24 hours for revisions.
More about scripts here.